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The Armchair Collective Counselling  and therapy in Kingston for anxiety, burnout, trauma relationships, work stress and self-esteem for individuals and couples

A new therapy collective for like-minded, heart-centred therapists to work together, separately.

Why Come Together?

Darrell and Amanda of Hammond Psychotherapy, have long dreamt of creating a soulful and relaxing atmosphere for both clients and other therapists. 

Foremost, we desired to create a convenient, low-barrier, beautiful and welcoming space for clients.


A place we ourselves would happily go to.


We wanted to offer a collection (or collective!) of diverse therapists who happen to also be damn good humans to help us in our mission to support all the people we can, people just like You.

We wanted to cultivate a space where we could invite other therapists to work together, separately. As well as rent out office space to support new or part-time therapists in a commitment and flexible way. We get how challenging it can be when starting out, or working on your own. 

We've created this space for you.

Kingston Counselling for people looking for therapists to help them feel better and manage daily stress.

What the Collective offers Therapists

We know how lonely it can be in private practice. 

We know how it is to start out in your practice - how daunting and expensive it can be. 

We've created a beautiful and modern space we want to share with you. 

What we want you to know: 

✨ We offer a fully furnished and modernly decorated office space where you can just show up and focus on your clients. 

✨ We are conveniently located near Costco, located on a bus route and with loads of free parking. 

✨ We provide complimentary snacks and beverages for your clients, coffee, tea and a kitchenette for you. 

✨ There is a built-in referral network with the other therapists in the Collective and with the family health team across the hall.

✨ Within the Collective, we meet regularly with breakfast, group trainings and social events to help build connection and combat loneliness.

✨ Low commitment and flexible booking. We offer four-hour blocks of time - book morning, afternoon, evening or weekend slots for $39, as well as full days for $85.


No lease, no commitment, you can just focus on acquiring your clients and booking as much or as little as what works for you.

If this sounds like something you're interested in - please reach out - we'd love to set up a tour and chat!

What the Collective offers Clients

We host a group of diverse therapists with lived experience and various backgrounds. We have come together because we are like-minded and heart-centred. 

What we offer you, our priority, is; 

✨ A bright, cozy and modernly decorated office in a health-centred building. Accessible, and welcoming should be the mainstays.

✨ We are conveniently located in the west end of Kingston, near Costco and Farm Boy. We have tons of free parking, so no rushing early to get spot or feed the meter. We also have a bus route outside our front door.

✨ We provide complimentary snacks and beverages for when you need to power up or soothe yourself. As well as prizes, because well, therapy is hard. 

✨ Finally, there is a built-in referral network - if one of us can't fit you in, we might just know someone who can! 


Private and discrete therapy conveniently located near you.
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